Work it Girl Branding and Website Design

BRAND ME BEAUTIFUL, Website Makeover

When the gorgeous Elyse came to us to create the face of her brand, she had been dreaming about this baby for almost 5 years! She knew exactly what she wanted, but needed our expertise to put a face on her vision. Luckily for Elyse, her business partner is a kick-ass web developer himself! She needed branding and a website designed in Photoshop that she could pass on to her partner to code. We went for a logo that was immediately striking and feminine, using a combination of powerful serif capitals combined with a plush pink W monogram. The website incorporated the same feel, using icons to break up the categories and lots of striking imagery. So a beautiful platform, for career women to apply for and advertise jobs was launched into cyberspace and we know there will be no reckoning with this lady!

Wordpress Website Designed for Work It Girl by Kady Creative


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