the biting truth


Alex and Anna from The Biting Truth came to us with their first ever book baby! Having written a book of my own, I totally get how attached you become to your creation and it is so important to get the look just right! They wanted to create a fun, ‘easy-to-digest’ (get it!) and beautiful resource that would help parents create simple and delicious school lunches. The layout needed to be dynamic, easy to navigate and user friendly. We created a design that appeals to the young and old by using bright pastels and soft illustrations to break down all the information into ‘bite-sized’ chunks (OK I’ll stop now!)


“Kady worked with us to produce our first ever kids lunchbox eBook! She did a wonderful job and we are so so happy with the final product. She was lovely to work with and very talented. She was happy to go above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the final product as well.” The Biting Truth


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