Real Food For Hungry Teens by Brenda Janschek in available on eBook

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Real Food For Hungry Teens was born when Brenda Janschek teamed up with her teenage son in the kitchen and came up with some delicious recipes. As a health coach, Brenda is passionate about helping teens make healthier eating choices so this book is very important to her. We started by styling and shooting all of the photos which was an easy task as they were all so delicious! We even got to have a few nibbles afterwards making this job even more enjoyable! Next up was editing of the selected photos and turning it all into an eBook. Brenda and Orlando were delighted with the results and we couldn’t be happier!
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What they’re saying

The ebook I created with my 12 year old son, Orlando, REAL FOOD FOR HUNGRY TEENS, was very close to my heart. It was important that the design, photography and styling reflected the vision we had for promoting healthy food for busy teens, and Kady O Connell certainly delivered. Kady is a dream to work with, who doesn’t just go that extra mile, she does it with joy and a smile. Any changes or challenges on the project were treated as if it were her own baby. I trust her and can’t recommend her enough.


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