Photography and eBook Designed for Anthia Koullouros at Oovio Organics

DESIGN, Photography

What could be more fun that cooking, styling and photographing recipes for the beautiful Anthia Koullouros’ eBook? Eating all the delicious recipes afterwards! We were delighted to be enlisted to help Anthia cook up all of her recipes to then style and shoot the images. This was quite a big job as each seasonal cleanse had 5 eBooks included in the program. Once we did the photography and editing, we then created ebooks to package them. Ovvio Tea already has a very strong brand and styling which is beautiful. We took this monochrome modern brand and used it as inspiration in the ebooks, keeping them very clean, monochrome, modern and adding some botanical illustrations to highlight main points. We hope you love the courses Anthia, we just LOVED working on this one!


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