Juku Gear is live with Wordpress and Magento


JUKU has been an amazing and collaborative process from the very start. We have been on board since the inception and helped come up with a name and strategy for the brand. It has been amazing to be working closely with the JUKU team to see this start up continue to grow. We created branding based on the idea of evolution and how JUKU always adapts to keep up with the latest improvements in technology. We worked on the website creating a beautiful WordPress with a Magenta integration for the shop site. We work on every package for each new product and on all of the marketing materials to go along with it. This is one of our biggest and best projects to date and it keeps getting even better!

what they’re saying

We at JUKU have had the absolute pleasure in working with Kady as our Creative Director and Brand Manager. Kady has been so easy to work with, professional, understanding, and extremely hard working.
Kady developed an incredible brand concept and created beautiful artwork with exceptional visualisation. She collaborates with our manufacturers in China and makes sure all artwork is done on time for each order to impeccable standards.

Wordpress Website Designed for JUKU by Kady Creative


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