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creative biz series: Sally O’Neil, founder of The Fit Foodie

07 Nov 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

I first met Sally O'Neil (aka The Fit Foodie) at a workshop all about creating your own cookbook with Sneh Roy. It was a brilliant day and it's pretty cool to look back now and see that we have both gone on to produce cookbooks of our own! Sally is actually on book no. 2 now and she is such a huge inspiration to me, her photography is STUNNING. Not only that, but Sally has got to be one of the most driven and hard working ladies I have ever met. She has not one but three businesses and is also study... READ MORE


Business hack: Four things I’m loving this month

04 Sep 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing By Kady O Connell

I’m a huge fan of a good business hack and if something can save you time / boost your bottom line, sign me up! I always find myself stumbling across awesome resources and tools so I want to share the love and hopefully it will help you too.


Business hack: Etsy for client gifting

Probably my favourite part of the entire branding experience is hand selecting the perfect client gift at the end of the process to show my gratitude and make... READ MORE


creative biz series: Anita Siek, founder of Wordfetti

04 Sep 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

Todays Creative business series interview is with the uber smart and hilarious Anita Siek of Wordfetti. Anita is part of my Owners Collective tribe and is such an inspiration. She started her business Wordfetti (how good is the name alone!) less than a year ago and is absolutely killing it! Coming from a corporate background as a lawyer, Anita took a huge leap of faith by giving up the comfort of that bi-weekly pay-... READ MORE


The step by step formula for a bestselling ebook

31 Jul 2018 | Design, Inspiration, Marketing By Kady O Connell

Let’s be real. Trying to figure out how to create your own bestselling eBook can be more overwhelming than deciding where to start at a hotel breakfast buffet. Lucky for you, the team at Kady Creative have developed a step-by-step, insider’s guide to creating your very own epic eBook.  Our goal is to give you all of the juicy information you need to turn your amazing thoughts, ideas and notepad scribbles into a compelling, lead generating, best-selling eBook. We want to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd, and m... READ MORE


Creative Biz Series: Jess Rhufus, founder of collabosaurus

24 Jul 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

I first met Jess Rhufus, founder of Collabosaurus at the New Beginnings Fair, where she was doing a marketing workshop. Since then, I have been following her journey over on the beautiful Collabosaurus insta feed and listening to her wonderful marketing podcast; Stop, collaborate and listen. Collabosaurus ... READ MORE


Tara Castellan: Interview with Kady Creative

17 Jul 2018 | Design, Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

It was an absolute pleasure being interviewed by Tara Castellan in Edit Wear Love: Interview with Kady Creative. Thank you so much for having me Tara!  

  "I met Kady about a year ago when I was searching for someone to help me with my branding + website design. I needed to work with someone who understood my vision (in any way I tried to convey it!) who was creative and a big thinker themselves, and had worked wit... READ MORE

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