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Tara Castellan: Interview with Kady Creative

17 Jul 2018 | Design, Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

It was an absolute pleasure being interviewed by Tara Castellan in Edit Wear Love: Interview with Kady Creative. Thank you so much for having me Tara!  

  "I met Kady about a year ago when I was searching for someone to help me with my branding + website design. I needed to work with someone who understood my vision (in any way I tried to convey it!) who was creative and a big thinker themselves, and had worked wit... READ MORE


Creative biz series: Alyce Tran, co-founder of the daily edited

10 Jul 2018 | Inspiration, Q and A By Kady O Connell

I am such a huge fan of Alyce Tran and The Daily Edited, so I was thrilled to see her speak at Vogue codes recently. Alyce recently sold a 30 percent stake in her company to Oroton for $4.5 million, four years after she co-founded it with $7,000 savings. Their beautiful instagram feed is followed by over 240K loyal fans and they have stores Australia wide. Despite all of this, when asked if she thinks she has 'made it', she very matter of factly said no, and that she was just getting st... READ MORE


Productivity hacks to keep you sane

02 Jul 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing By Kady O Connell

If you’re anything like me, finding the most efficient way of doing everything from tackling your inbox to making the ‘perfect amount of toastiness toast’ makes your heart sing. I am quite openly a productivity enthusiast and love nothing more than standing back and appreciating a good system and all the time it’s saving you.   When I first encountered the idea of batching(more on this later) in Tim Ferris’


Creative Biz Series: Emma Hannigan

26 Jun 2018 | Inspiration, Q and A By Kady O Connell

I first met Emma Hannigan when I saw her speak at an Inspiring Rare Birds networking morning. As a fellow Irish lady and creative, we instantly clicked. We kept in touch and she invited me to join a new program she was starting for the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce called Emerald Kin. I have been part of this program for the past year, where I get to met Emma and 7 other wonderful ladies once a month to support each other an brainst... READ MORE


Create a brand moodboard that perfectly reflects your vibe

19 Jun 2018 | Design, Inspiration By Kady O Connell

Who doesn’t love a great brand moodboard? I know I’m biased, but there is nothing better than a dreamy moodboard that shows your exact vibe. Moodboards may seem trivial, but in reality, they are extremely useful when starting any new branding project. If you spend time at the very start nutting out exactly what you want, you are much more likely to achieve just that. Creating a mood board from the beginning allows you to experiment with ... READ MORE


Creative Biz Series: Hutwoods founder Becky Hutley

08 May 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

This weeks Creative Biz Series is with the inspiring girlboss founder of Hutwoods candles, Becky Hutley. I first met Becky at the New Beginnings Fair in Sydney. I had just started my business and it was great to be able to connect with a like-minded lady that was already a few years into her own business baby. We have kept in touch ever since and I have absolutely loved watching her brand grow and grow. From pop-up stores in Westfield, to her own flagship st... READ MORE