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How we have increased our leads with one simple strategy

19 Feb 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing By Kady O Connell

The biggest question during the branding and website process I ask is Why? This simple little one word question may seem small but just look at Simon Sinek who has written 2 entire books on the topic. You see, you need to know exactly why you are adding a certain feature, a certain font.. Otherwise it is not adding any value to your brand or website. It isn’t doing the hard work for you.   The reason you go the hard yards when developing a brand is so that it will continue t... READ MORE


STYLE: 3 wardrobe essentials with Tara Castellan

13 Feb 2018 | Design, Inspiration By Kady O Connell

This week we have an extra special guest post from our incredibly talented and amazing client Tara Castellan. Tara is a stylist and creative consultant based in Sydney with over 16 years experience in the Australian fashion Industry. She totally gets' how as entrepreneurs sometimes we work from home or cafes and it is very tempting to dress casually. (I know I sure am guilty of this sometimes! #activewear) But I noticed a massive difference in how you feel and how productive ... READ MORE


The industry secrets for creating a bestselling eBook

06 Feb 2018 | Design, Inspiration, Marketing By Kady O Connell

Many health experts share a common goal; to create an exceptional bestselling ebook they can add to their website that offers practical health advice or nourishing recipes. At Kady Creative, we have worked with some of the health industries leading influencers in bringing these bestselling ebooks to life. Here are 5 of the most common elements that make these ebooks’ a success.  

#1 Always judge a book by its cover

Your cover is the first impression a customer gets... READ MORE


5 productivity tips for starting the new year with a bang

12 Dec 2017 | Design, Inspiration, Marketing By Kady O Connell

As this year is coming to a close, I am gently forcing myself to take some time out to reflect on what has been a huge year. I want to share my top 5 productivity tips that have helped my business to grow. As a business owner that wants to achieve some big goals, it is so easy to keep looking to the next thing ‘to-do’ or jump right onto your next big idea.   On one hand, this is amazing, as it is what drives you forward and is probably the reason for all of your success to date. But what I have come to realise is that you will ne... READ MORE


Zucchini + Cheddar Pasta-less Lasagne (GF)

29 Nov 2017 | Foodie Fortnight By Kady O Connell

This lasagne is so tasty and filling, it's hard to believe it is totally free of pasta and gluten free! Healthy and delicious, whats not to love. Make it for dinner and it keeps well in the fridge for lunch the next day too. [yumprint-recipe id='13']... READ MORE


Finding an ebook cover designer that gets your brand

28 Nov 2017 | Design, Inspiration, Marketing, Photography By Kady O Connell

I have been a busy bee here at Kady Creative over the past few months. On top of running a design business, I have spent the last 18 months writing, photographing, designing and publishing my first book, Behind the Half Door - Stories of Food and Folk. I wrote this book with a brilliant and quirky journalist in Dublin, Ireland. It is launching next week and there is a whirlwind of excitment going along with it. It is such a great feeling to see something you worked damn hard on come to life! It was a great experience to be on this side of th... READ MORE

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