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Creative Biz Series: Hutwoods founder Becky Hutley

08 May 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

This weeks Creative Biz Series is with the inspiring girlboss founder of Hutwoods candles, Becky Hutley. I first met Becky at the New Beginnings Fair in Sydney. I had just started my business and it was great to be able to connect with a like-minded lady that was already a few years into her own business baby. We have kept in touch ever since and I have absolutely loved watching her brand grow and grow. From pop-up stores in Westfield, to her own flagship st... READ MORE


Interview with the League of Extraordinary women

04 May 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

This week I was interviewed by the team at League of Extraordinary women about starting my business and all of the challenges that went along with it. I loved being featured and it was a great opportunity to reflect on all of those lessons learned! I hope you enjoy it x

League of Extraordinary Women: Starting a business can be gruelling - what keeps you motivated, and keeps you going?

Having an amazing support network. You need to get out there and join clubs suc... READ MORE


Creative Biz Series – Eat Drink Play founder alex adams

24 Apr 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

Alex Adams AKA Ms Darlinghurst is the founder and editor of EAT DRINK PLAY and Secret Foodies. I have the pleasure of sharing a beautiful office space with Alex in the heart of Paddington, which keeps me very well fed with the constant deliveries of gourmet food (winning!) Alex's story is so inspirational to me as she has had her thriving business for nearly 9 years now and it keeps going from strength to strength. I recently attended an infamous Secret Foodies event, where you receive a text two hours prior to tell you where you are going. ... READ MORE


5 things I wish I knew before starting my business

16 Apr 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing By Kady O Connell

Kady Creative has been a journey and one without a set ‘start’ date. As many of you that have started with a ‘side hustle’ will know, it is an evolution and you don’t just wake up one day, drop everything and go start a business. (at least that’s not how I did it!) I freelanced for years on the side and that grew and grew and grew until I jumped into my business full-time, head-first. It has been a year and six months since I officially started the business and there has been a whole world of learning. I don’t think that will e... READ MORE


Creative Business Series: Sinead Connolly

10 Apr 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing, Q and A By Kady O Connell

I first met Sinead Connolly at a female leadership group we both joined, Emerald Influence. The program was created by the Irish Australian chamber of commerce as a peer to peer networking group and I was so impressed with Sinead from the start. At just 28, Sinead owns and runs a thriving recruitment business, Lotus People, in Sydneys CBD. She has won more awards  than I have had hot dinners and she seems to do it all with complete ease an... READ MORE


Events to inspire – Sydney

03 Apr 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing By Kady O Connell

Being a reformed socially awkward networker, I now go to so many events and workshops around Sydney! In the beginning, I would go to everything and anything and my friend Oksana used to joke with me that I would go to the opening of an envelope. (it was true!)   This, however, is not very sustainable if you want to actually get some work done! Now I strategically choose a select few events and networks to be a part of. Typically, I will go to about one event per ... READ MORE

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